The Monarch Butterfly


A while back I began thinking about far away memories.  You know, the ones that feel like a lifetime ago.

Some good.

Some not so good.

All are worth remembering.

Stop for a moment and think back… way back to a time in your childhood that you might have long forgotten.  I remember butterflies.  Growing up in San Antonio the summers were hot and humid, springs were wet, winters chilled.  I can feel the sunlight, smell the dampness of the summer storms and see the yellow and orange of a familiar friend… the monarch.   She is graceful and free, delicate and strong and beautiful.  I remember seeing them at the park, at school, everywhere… even resting on my finger.  When I think about how I felt then I am reminded of the freedom and joy that time in my existence gave me.  The more I put them in my mind the more the memories come.

There were no stresses, there was no anger, there was no loneliness.


It’s taken a long time for me to ‘remember’ that.   It’s as if I’m wrapped in a warm blanket of familiarity.  It’s comfortable and it’s home.

I know that peace, I’ve known it and it becomes more evident in the daily life I lead.

I don’t have room for anything less than the perfection that that is my life now.   You don’t either.

Take your turn, close your eyes and remember a simple, quiet, loving place… a feeling, a snapshot of your past.  Go there, know everything and hold the goodness in your heart.

It has been a long time since I’ve written here.   It feels good.



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